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19 April 2020


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To me Di will be forever young. I met her in my early days of quilting, and always found her warmth and skill inspiring. Her shop in Maling Road was a den of amazing interest, fabrics, patterns ,dolls and style. We all learnt so much from her. She was a real pioneer in the early days of patchwork in Australia.....teaching the old methods of piecing and appliqué....no quick fixes.
It is good to see her legacy will be continued through your teaching Lenore.
My sympathy to her husband and family and friends....she was a true gem.
Di Pettigrew

When I discovered Di Ford, my interest in quilting was renewed. I had become very tired of bright fabrics assembly line pieced and totally done by machine. She showed me the slow beautiful way of quilting with wonderful fabrics. I will never forget her. I'm so sorry for her family and close friends. I'm very sad...

Michelle she was amazing lady, she touched so many. She did ignited a love of slow stitching in many of us. It is a very sad time.

I have just learned of dear Di's death.I was somehow expecting it,but it is still a shock.She taught me way back in 1985,in her Maling Rd shop.Always helpful,generous with advice,a lovely person,with a matchless eye for colour and pattern,right from the beginning.And such a skillful fabric designer!I'll always remember her with affection and awe. Rivka Waxman

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