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07 July 2014


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lovely fabrics.........calves are so cute but yes many numbers is always a challenge.........

..........not to mention it is Tax time. We are all here for support if you want to share, otherwise, just as long as you are well (apart from bruises from those babies), the kids are fine and the better half is also good, don't worry about the rest. And yes, it was good to see Linda's success - I have been waiting for the 'unveiling' for months - it was certainly worth it.

Thanks Lenora. It was great that we were sitting together at the presentations. Everything will work out, it's just those bloody hurdles that slow us down. Our cows have just started calving today so my little break is over for the next 6 weeks.

Not sure how you gals do it! I don't have any calves to look after, no kids at home, no "other half".....so what do I do with my time away from work?? Linda's win was so exciting and so deserved! ...and just look at the eyelashes on that calf! too cute :)

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