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15 September 2013


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Truer words were never said Lenora, it was a fabulous day with everyone and the tutors, like the tutors of the last two years, were wonderful and gave their time to everyone and answered questions with lots of smiles and laughter. Bring on next year

I love those quilts pictured in the middle the one with three by three squares that have trees in a circle. Can you tell me who those are by?

What a great photo of the ladies on your table. So glad that you could come along and be on the 'other side'.

So disappointed I couldn't be there :( Looks like you had a great time being "on the other side"! Very exciting to see your pattern made up and looking amazing!

I had a great day, but was a tad nervous so mucked up my sewing. The ladies I shared a table with were just lovely, Linda fed and watered us well, and our tutors were so friendly and helpful. The view from the window was wonderful (looking out on the water) - so all in all, a fantastic day.

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