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11 August 2017


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I know exactly how you feel........balancing farm work, fulltime off farm work and family and Dist Ed sure does take a juggling act and yes some thing get a little long as there is food to cook and clean clothes most of the time you will get by.........and things do settle down a bit and then you realise that you did survive......and you can pick up the pieces and continue on........yes driving time and some jobs you sure can have lots of thinking time........glad you put it to good use and you sound like you are rip roaring and ready to go forward......still can't quiet see the light at the end of the tunnel here yet but I have hope it will come soon.........things are going from bad to worse.........I also know people who don't work on the land don't really understand what is involved..........

I really admire how you manage so many elements in your life and make space to pursue your passion that is Elmgrove Patchwork, you are an inspiration! Can't wait to see your Little Boys Britches quilt.

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